Target Industries

The East Arkansas Delta is home to established industries, and has untapped opportunity for many others. We have a combined labor force of over 100,000 with strong industry footholds in manufacturing, retail, health care, and agriculture. Plus, the East Arkansas Delta has much to offer industries such as aviation, distribution logistics, and food manufacturing.  We are home to leading international companies such as Schneider National, Mueller Industries, and Boar’s Head. Explore our target industries to find out more:

■    Manufacturing
■    Logistics
■    Aerospace Technology
■    Steel
■    Automotive Assembly and Suppliers
■    Food Processing
■    Distribution
■    Renewable Energy – Alternative Fuels
■    Data Centers
■    Green or Sustainable Building Materials
■    Renewable Energy – Wind
■    Bottled Spring Water
■    Bio-sciences
■    Information Technology/ Telecommunications