Location Benefits

As a developer you will benefit from lower costs of business and living and the increased accessibility of local decision makers in our communities. You will have access to the workforce and education partnerships of the immediate area, as well as the resources and financial incentives of our entire region.

With its logistical advantages, East Arkansas is a natural choice for logistics; food processing; and manufacturing of all kinds, especially steel and automotive. Aviation and renewable energy are quickly developing sectors for the region and the state as well.

Our region’s location along the Mississippi River – and the transportation capabilities that come with it – have made us a favorite for shipping and distribution companies.  Our region is well established in the world of agriculture, thanks to the rich soil in the area.  Leading production includes soybeans, cotton, rice, and sweet potatoes.

Fiscally strong state and local government, and business-friendly regulations make East Arkansas an advantageous location for companies seeking to expand or relocate.

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